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The World's First
City Wide
Comic Con

The Geeks of Portland are uniting to bring you the worlds largest pop culture festival, featuring

fantasy, sci-fi, super heroes and supernatural events.

Each quadrant of the city will be transformed with

cosplay events, film festivals, makers markets, etc.

Your Destiny Awaits.  Sign up to stay informed.

Super Hero

Adventure Awaits


Enjoy the ultimate extravaganza - Geek Week PDX!  From unique game nights to exclusive screenings, there’s something for everyone. Come see why we’re the ultimate destination for all things geeky!

Anime Girl Praying


Fantasy image.png


Robots with Guns


Wonderwood Springs
Washman Car Wash
Jupiter Hotel / Jupiter Next
Excalibur Comics
Portland Festival of Cinema, Animation and Technology
Pharmacy Bar

Jupiter Hotel

Located in the Heart of Portland, the Jupiter Hotels offer the visitor a one-of-a kind atmosphere blending both modern and eclectic design elements

Use code GeekWeek to get 15% off your stay!

Geek Guide

Choose Your Adventure

Don't miss out on the ultimate geek experience. The Geek Guide is a comprehensive directory of Comic Shops, Games Stores and everything you need for the perfect Nerd Night Out. 

Download BabbleBuy today to start exploring.

Geek Guide

Game Tournaments

Table Top, Video, Pinball, RPG - City Wide 
Grand Prizes

Battle Ground Gaming Cafe


Ultimate Nerd Night Out
Food and Drink Specials, Cosplay, Dancing, Skating

Mari Del Valle


Parties, events and adventures perfect for every Wookie and Wizard

Cosplay RCCC Sept 2023


Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Super Heroes
Movie Magic Comes to Life

Clinton St Theater
dragon simple-pink

About Us

BabbleBuy, publishers of the Geek Guide and the premier provider of print and digital adventure maps, is proud to sponsor Geek Week PDX

BabbleBuy Logo
Sci-Fi Raygun

We can't do it without you.  

Let us know if you would like to host an event or get involved.

If you want to go behind the curtain and help make Geek Week a reality, click the button below and sign up to volunteer.  

Hero's Welcome

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