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Avengers Assemble

Get ready for Geek Week, the ultimate festival for all things geeky!  Behind every event is a team of exceptional volunteers, sponsors, hosts, and organizers who work tirelessly to make it happen. Scroll down for more information about each craft and press the button to launch.

Purple Wizard

Event Host Partners

On any given day there are dozens of great Geek adventures happening throughout Portland.  During Geek Week PDX, we want to highlight the wild, weird and wonderful culture that makes Portland special.  Share events you are already hosting, schedule something new or invent something that has never been seen before.  Nothing is too big or too small.  


Bars / Nightclubs / Restaurants:     Specials, Theme Parties, Shows, Trivia

Game Stores:   Tournaments, Discounts, RPG Campaigns - We would help coordinate a city wide bracket tournament & Grand Finale Event

Comic Shops: Artist   Talks & Signings, Discounts, New Releases, Cosplay

Theaters:   Film Festivals, Movie Marathons, Live Shows, Hosted Screenings

Market Places:   Crafts, Food, Specialties, Collectibles 

Tours:   Historical, Haunted, Quirky, Arts

Possibilities are endless.  We encourage businesses, neighborhoods and individuals to get involved.  Our mission is to inspire people to explore and experience all that Portland has to offer.


Masterminds:   Committee Leads to help coordinate events, parties, volunteers and more

Healers:   General Support volunteers.  Help where needed before during and after

Tanks:   Committee workhorses willing to do the heavy lifting and rally the troops

Mages:   Marketing Magic.  Social Media, Video Content, PR, fancy words and pretty pictures

Rogues:   Help us recruit more participants including but not limited to Volunteers, Events and Sponsors

Click the button below to join the rebellion or join our Facebook Group  to share your spells, visions and inspiration.  


Go behind the curtain.  While your at it - make the curtain.  Volunteers are the backbone of every event spectacular. 

We need your help to make the magic happen. 



With thousands of pop culture enthusiasts roaming around Portland, Geek Week PDX is the perfect way to highlight your brand to dreamers, creators, artists and innovators of all ages.  Click the button below to learn about the wide range of sponsorship opportunities available.

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