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Event Submission

Be part of the Adventure - host a cosplay party, run a tournament, create a comic art gallery - the options are endless!

GeekWeekPDX Dragon

Let us know your plans for Geek Week PDX, September 9 - 15.  

  • Build a special event just for Geek Week or promote and existing one.

    • Why limit yourself to 1 - create as many as you would like!

    • Partner with similar businesses to create a larger event, like a tournament.

    • Offer discount, incentive and coupons for the week too.  We'll promote them all.

  • Information can be updated as needed​ later on.

  • We are beginning to promote specific events happening during Geek Week, and would love to highlight yours.

  • Include all information in the form below or send us a quick email with the info directly to

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Thanks for submitting!

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